About Us

Our Vision

iBuy ensures and guarantees its consumers to receive the product researched in accordance to the consumer trend and demand with a promise to be insured with third party to execute the product/service consumer demanded and paid for. Moreover ibuy ensures the vendors needs and demands for providing data and becoming demand oriented vendors through data, research and training form market research.

iBuy will ensure that the customer comes first with delivery of market competitive excellent and reliable products meeting consumer demands at a competitive price.

Moreover, ibuy emphasis on pre order excellent customer service to its consumers and vendors and post orders services with efficient digital tools and its own vendor software to deliver smooth consumer and vendor experience.

Our Mission

iBuy is the alternative E-commerce platform to the existing platforms in the market which monopolised the market with sub-standard products and poor customer service, moreover after sales service. The demo graphs are not well researched in view of customer demand trends with new and innovative products. The market research analysis results in disappointment in E-commerce B2C importantly and B2B services and ZERO reliability and trust in the product.

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